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June 21st, 2009, 00:13
A friend was showing me this website:


It works KINDA like Google in that you can use it to cough up statistical information. But instead of bringing up websites, it actually gives you the information.

I typed up circumcision and the knowledge it brings up as of yet isn't too helpful.

But, I was thinking, if this website can be trusted to bring up factual statistics without any bias, then it could probably be used one day to combat circumcision!

This is what I get when I type "circumcision":


I typed in "Circumcision, HIV" and it gave me a lame message.


Sent in the following feedback:

I typed up circumcision and HIV and I got "? Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what do do you with your input." I was hoping to get some statistics of circumcision around the world, and also HIV rates. The current hype is that circumcision supposedly prevents HIV in Africa. Obviously circumcision hasn't helped reduce HIV in the US, where HIV infection rates are higher than in Europe, where circumcision of infant males is not common practice. A simple search on HIV and Circumcision statistics should provide a realistic background to judge the accuracy of the latest "studies." If circumcision and HIV rates don't correlate, then the "studies" are bogus material concocted by charlatans wanting to cash in on a worthless procedure. Please help out by providing accurate statistics on Circumcision and HIV, thanks."

Strangely enough, I typed "HIV rates":


0.2% | Australia,Austria,Azerbaijan,Bahrain,Belarus,Belgi um,Bolivia,Denmark,Greece,Iceland,...


0.6% | Brazil,Colombia,Paraguay,Switzerland, *United States* ,Uruguay


Those interested should go and give feedback. Let them know you want to know statistics on who is circumcised in the world, age groups, who has AIDS, etc., etc...