View Full Version : An Ultimate Method/Regimen for the Uncircumcised Appearance?

July 26th, 2009, 15:27
Hey everybody. Let's keep this simple. For a short time now, I've been in search of the best method/regimen to 'restore' my foreskin. During my search I've observed pictures of people who have or are in the process of restoring their skin. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed. Penises with 'restored' foreskin seem to look bulky at the head where the 'restored' skin covers it and appears like a callous piece of skin rather than a fitted skin as is apparent with natural uncircumcised penises (then again, I haven't seen them all so forgive me).

Now my question is, "is there a method or regimen of restoring the foreskin that gets it to most resemble a natural uncircumcised penis?" Again, I'm relatively new at this but maybe you guys have seen something or tried something that I don't know of. If so, please share. I am concerned with regaining sensation but I assume that's not going to come back totally (so much resentment) so instead right now I'm concerned more with aesthetics.

Individuals should know in advance what they're getting involved with and the results that will arise from restoration so I'm sure your advice will help alot of people out and save the heart break time that you wish to have avoided in your journey to physical as well as spiritual restoration. Thank you all in advance.