View Full Version : I was the Subject of a TV Parody

June 10th, 2007, 13:04
Ok guys...I wish I could find the original material to post a link too, but the production company that originally produced "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" was 'acquired' (read "gobbled up") by a bigger one and then dismantled. They used to have a great archive section on their site, but Alliance-Atlantis has 'dismantled' that too! (Corporate Circumcisors!)

Soon after I got into restoration and became publicly active in both restoration and intactivism, I was asked by several media outlets for interviews and show participation. My first interview was for the Toronto Star and then, soon after founding NORM Toronto, I was asked by a Montreal-based production to do something with them, which I did. And CITY-TV's show, SexTV did a segment on restoration which included a NORM member and myself.

The thing is, once you're public, you're a prime target for parody...and there's nothing you can do about it! But I didn't mind when 22 Minutes did their thing. I've never seen the actual TV piece, but I have read a transcirpt (on their old website) which was done up like a print news article.

Their take on it was how, separated at birth, my foreskin and I were finally re-united. It was as though my poor, long-lost skin was a separate living entity (which I think is cool because that aspect seems to emphasize it's importance) and we finally got to meet again, like twins long estranged! Their peice went on to say how we spent time bowling together and sometimes can be seen sharing a drink at a local cafe...or something like that.

I really wish I could find the original stuff. It was pretty funny but not at all offensive. So be prepared to be the brunt of it if you ever take yourself public! :rolleyes:

NB for American friends: Salter Street was the production company behind Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine". Of course, if you look on IMDB these days, the references to Salter Street have been changed to Alliance/Atlantis. Salter Street was based in Halifax, NS, founded by Micheal Donovan, who shared in the glory of Columbine's Best Documentary Oscar. Apparently, there were no American pc's interested in going up against Chuck Heston and the NRA!