View Full Version : a poem i made about life and friendship

May 15th, 2010, 12:44
sorry i know this is not about circumcision its instead about Life and friendship
i made this poem in high school i hope you like it

Life and friendship

Life an adventure through time
Existence an adventure of the mind
Friendship an adventure of the heart

The road of life has no signs
An Existence alone has no meaning
Friendship is a gamble of the heart

Alone the road is dark
Alone Existence is meaningless
Alone the heart is empty

With a friend the road will be kind
With a friend the mind can relax
With a friend the heart can heal

With a true friend the road will shine
A true friend can give meaning to the mind
With A true friend the heart will be whole

With a soul mate the road can end
With a soul mate meaning will be known
With a soul mate the heart will love

Time consumes all, and destroys nothing
But a true friend will always be with you

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