View Full Version : loosing respect for the medical community.

July 27th, 2010, 17:59
i am loosing respect for the medical community. and here are a few of the reasons why

certain medical groups tried to use Africa to protect circumcision. by saying something so insanely stupid that any logical person can see through. by saying that circumcision helps prevent aids. but you still need to use a condom. "whats the point of being circumcised if you still need a condom" freedom0speech-youtube
the AAP tried to open the door to allow FGM in the USA.
how many billions of dollars have we pumped into cancer research. there should be a cure for cancer by now.
the medical community tried to cause panic with the swine flu issue.
the whole ADD/ADHD fraud (at one point more then 50% of children were dignosed with some form of ADD/ADHD and then treated with drugs) 50% is an alarming number
this is just a few issues there are more

the medical community needs a complete overhaul

add any issues like this that you can think of if you want

July 27th, 2010, 22:18
If anything I'm gaining respect for the medical community. There are Intactivists out there and they are more and more seeing circumcision as "just cosmetic" and not recommending it as routine. The rates are dropping and more studies are finding that it does cause damage (or at least isn't "normal" sexual function"). There is a small extreme group that is trying to promote it, but I believe they won't be able to hold up to the truth for much longer.

What I don't have respect for is the pharmaceutical industry, they've infiltrated the government with lobbyist and are always pushing their profit making agenda.

July 28th, 2010, 03:47
I don't think you can say "we deserve a cure for cancer because we've dumped in X amount of dollars." That's the whole "we put a man on the moon, why can't we..." argument. Some things really are frustratingly hard to understand, and no matter how far we've come some things are still out of our reach.

I do agree with you on the other things though.

I think the issue is a little more complex than the medical industry is corrupt and trying to screw everyone. People just don't think enough. Everyone has their job to do and almost nobody questions everyone else's.

Kids won't pay attention in school, nobody wants to change the educational system, but some scientist comes up with the idea to give them amphetamines, people say "hey it's a study by real scientists," doctors agree, and then you've got a messed up system that you can't change. You can't just say some common sense like "maybe school is not interesting and amphetamines simulate (not stimulate) interest, and maybe it's a bad idea to drug kids for acting like kids" because if you don't have a degree or wear a white coat you're not worth listening to. Any argument you offer people will say (essentially) "well this is a real study by real scientists therefore everything you say is worthless". Very rarely does somebody who takes the time to consider how things as complex as the human body function as a whole happen to have the credentials to be worth listening to.

So when somebody with a several hundred thousand dollar education says "circ is good for preventing AIDs" it becomes very hard to refute that unless you're also one of them.

This isn't really the fault of doctors, but of the media that latches onto things and broadcasts them without understanding the truth, and of all of us.

There's a new religion growing. It's a faith in science. I'm not talking about an interest in the scientific process. I mean the whole "they've done a study". There's a huge breed of people and this "they" is their God. (Have you heard this talk before? "They've done a study that shows..." "They just came out with a..." "They think there's a cure for..." ?)

These people don't bother to understand or even read up on the science, they just accept something because it's, supposedly, from scientists. They will act like they can't be wrong because they will hide behind the idea that they use logic and reason, but they only have the illusion of thinkers.

I think a lot of people out there are born to be sheep. They want to have something to accept blindly. It used to be that the masses were really religious, so some people tend to think religion is the problem, some kind of evil, indoctrinating force that told people to surrender their intellect. Now, secularism is "cooler" so people traded priests for scientists, except instead of thinking for themselves and seeking education like this shift may suggest, they just dress their cardinals in white coats and turn what they say into gospel.

So... I guess what I'm trying to say here is that there isn't a conspiracy. People are just really dumb. Dumb people can get to be doctors and researches too, but since you can't beat credentials without having some yourself, no matter how dumb or smart you are, they're the one's that get listened to. We just have to hope (or take action to insure) that people who aren't dumb get the "mouthpieces" of status as well, so that the blind aren't leading the blind.