View Full Version : Question for restored guys

August 21st, 2010, 14:22
I guess we all know that intact guys have more ways to masturbate than circumcised guys. They can skin it back on every stroke if they want to. And guys with tight foreskins can just rub the foreskin over their glans; other intact guys sometimes do this too, even if their foreskin can retract all the way.

Now that you have restored, and have at least full coverage when flaccid, do you masturbate any differently than you did before you restored?

Dr. Ron
August 21st, 2010, 15:37
Yes, it is very different with full coverage. First, there is no need for lube. Where friction was the main stimulating action previously, the smooth gliding of foreskin over glans is now the most pleasurable part. Not having the frenar band, of course, does make for a different experience than that enjoyed by an intact guy. I can only imagine what that must be like.

And you can sure understand why circumcision was devised as a way to discourage masturbation since the surgery robs the male of what is a naturally pleasurable sensation mechanism.

August 21st, 2010, 16:57
Yes. Before I had to jiggle my fingers, moving ther little foreskin I had just a millimeter or so. Or I had to use lube.

Now, as Dr. Ron said, I move the foreskin around, no lube needed, nice long stokes. So easy now. And I am still exploring the variations possible.

For instance, while masturbating, on an occassional downstoke, hold the skin tight for a moment or two. wow, that alone has sent me over the edge at times.

Or just knead the foreskin while it is over your glans, very nice.

Not to mention all the variation I can now do with varying speeds and stroke lengths.

And a bit off subject, but it gets at the point that now it is easy to explore, before I had to follow a tried and true routine. Before my wife could not masturbate me. Oh, she could make it feel pretty darn good for a little while, bu she could not keep the tempo and jiggle correct, so it would eventually settle into boredom. But now, let me tell you, she can easily masturbate me. No problem. sjhe can play around, experiment, and it is all good. then, when she wants to finsih me off, easy as pie.

Foreskins are so wonderful!