View Full Version : Regeneration will end circumcision....

September 21st, 2010, 07:29
I know there's a stem cell thread elsewhere and I don't want to recapitulate that discussion here, but the larger point is this:

Some time in the next 10-20 years it's all but assured we will have the means to regenerate human tissue using stem cells or bioengineering or some other technology.

The moment that becomes available to most people is the moment circumcision will definitively end. Because if the procedure to restore a foreskin becomes broadly accessible and affordable, you'll see an 80% or higher adoption rate, guaranteed.

Including those deluded guys today who "love being circumcised."

Once people realize that men want to be whole, and that foreskin is actually desirable, it will instantly wake parents up from their delusions and end the practice of genital cutting.