View Full Version : Help a male child still in womb

October 18th, 2010, 15:25
I am friends with a woman named Alicia Barrett, maiden name Carrico. She is unfortunatley pregnant carrying a male child. She plans to have a dr. cut his penis while he is a newborn. She is using medicaid in TN. I am writing the TennCare to stop payment authorization of this cosmetic procedure. What can I do to help her understand. She somewhat seems to think the child is a possession to "do what she pleases with". I was undoubtedly attacked on facebook by her and her cronies about how they only think abused penises look attractive, and they erroneously think it will help him in the long run. This child is at serious risk for sexual assault as a newborn. He is due to arrive by labor the first week of February. We have limited time. How can I help this child?