View Full Version : Wanted Tugging equipment and mentor/co-tugger will trade services

November 20th, 2010, 22:52
Hi everyone. I have just started my business in San Diego. I am a certified massage therapist in California and nationally certified as well. I have almost no money. I am trying to build clients and make money. This has been slow going. I have had foreskin envy practically all my life. I was 8-9yrs old and my 1y/o intact cousin got dropped in my bath. From that day on I was hooked. I am Gay and my cousin and I have played around some and it has always been my biggest turn-on. Well I have finally found this site (never knew about restoration) and Ron's wonderful looking product. I have posted a thread in the General with current pictures and am unsure whether or not I can use the tugger or the X and really could use a mentor the catch is like I said I have no money and would be more than willing to trade services (massage, gardening, cleaning, sweeping, etc.)(basically whatever it takes) so I am hoping there are some local SD restorers that might be willing to help me out and get me started on the road to intactiveness.