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October 22nd, 2007, 16:50
bet you'd never see that combination for a title....

this thought keeps coming up the more i read about how circumcision is promoted, I used to work in a store that sold electronics among other things and extended warranties were a VERY big deal.

The first thing they taught us was to play on customer's fears, tell them about all the problems that a product can have and then go into how much it can cost, tell them how little it cost, give the amount in pennies per day if you have to in order to make the cost appear less. assume sell the warranty and keep assume selling, have the salesperson assume the customer wants it because all customers want it, have the cashier do the same thing, act like the customer is weird for not wanting it.

Circumcision is really like the extended warranty of the medical business, high profit margins (easy surgery), low risk as patient can't sue, only a small benefit to a tiny portion of purchasers, but at a relatively high cost for every one of them, and the selling techniques are just the same

so as long as hospitals continue to make an easy profit on circumcision they are going to push circumcision as much as they can. I would imagine the atmosphere is similar to that of a store manager and warranties, the doctors are encouraged by management to push circ (and probably other procedures, when a less invasive method is avail). It's unfortunate but will happen when health care is run by CEO's.

--- btw ---
dependence on warranties and the techniques needed to sell them was one reason i quit, I was always getting fussed at for not pushing them enough, and for those that don't know the retailer gets a 50% markup on those with no inventory costs, so that's why they are pushed more then anything. and claims are so little on those you would be so much wiser just to take that money for the warranty and put it in savings.

PLEASE NOTE: this is just meant to talk about the selling practices, not the benefits or risks, just about how management encouraged us to sell the extended warranty whether it made economic sense to do so and how doctors may be pressured in the same way.

October 23rd, 2007, 09:13
Excellent and intuitive analogy. Even down to the end when you explain about not buying the warranty.
"and claims are so little on those" and benefits are so little on those
"you would be so much wiser ..." to save the foreskin.

Very insightful of you!


November 27th, 2007, 02:12
The only problem I see with this analogy is that circumcision wouldn't really work as an "extended warranty," because while you might be able to be re-imbursed with an electronic device or so, you can't very well get your son's foreskin back if the doctor screws up on his circumcision, or if the circumcision actually causes more problems than it was supposed to prevent. (IE, recurrent UTIs, a tight circumcision resulting in painful erections when the child is older, an botched ugly appearance, etc...)

Sadly there are no extended warranties on circumcision, and men that suffer problems have to seek help at their own expense. Perhaps it would be a totally different ball-game if doctors had to include an extended warranty in the circumcision price...

June 27th, 2008, 15:28
Dang can I get a refund on a 26 yr old surgery? if only we could rewind the tape and go back in time eh.. I'd hang a large stop sign on my pecker!