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February 27th, 2011, 14:15
Circumcision study halted due to trauma


February 27th, 2011, 17:20
The CNN article is about the Lander's study (http://www.cirp.org/library/pain/lander/), where "52 healthy, full-term male newborns" were subjected to treatment that is probably not even allowed on lab rats:

During and following circumcision, the newborn reacted much the same as others who received a placebo (continuously elevated heart rate and high-pitched cry). About 2.5 minutes after the conclusion of surgery, the new-born had an episode that included abnormal posture (lack of tone in limbs), several periods of apnea (one lasting more than 25 seconds), and projectile vomiting. No physiological data were recorded during the episode, since the computer had lost contact with the monitor immediately prior to its onset. The newborn recovered following the episode.

Another newborn in the placebo group had a choking episode with apnea after surgery. This began about 3.5 minutes after the circumcision and lasted less than 30 seconds.

I can be dispassionate when discussing certain aspects of circumcision, but not this study... it just makes me fucking rage. I can't believe that such a study was ever needed, or allowed. Even worse, the results are still being ignored by some doctors and mohels who continue to circumcise baby boys without anesthetic. It's hard to believe that people can subject children to such brutality, and that the general public remains willfully ignorant to what is going on.