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Old July 9th, 2011
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Default Frenuloplasty

Hello, everybody. I am in the process of restoring using the CatIIQ method. I am not yet familiar with the different techniques of circumcision, but I think I still have quite a bit of my frenulum left as it is a loose cord on the underside of my penis when relaxed and is still rather loose when erect. I know that other people here have posted questions about frenulum restoration or reconstruction and I have similar questions. I would like to see if it is possible to suture my new foreskin to the remaining frenulum just because I have so much of it left. This is simply because I think that the anchorage that the frenulum provided would be very useful both from a pragmatic as well as a cosmetic standpoint.

After looking around the internet and elsewhere, I stumbled upon a technique called frenuloplasty, which is used to repair defects in the penile frenulum such as tears or being overly tight. I was wondering if a frenuloplasty would be used to a similar end here.

The problem as I see it, is a combination of four factors.

1. Most physicians and surgeons would probably laugh you out of their office because they would see you worrying about something so minor it would not be worth their time.

2. Trying to attach skin that you have grown to replace the lost foreskin might make it way too tight as part of the frenulum might be missing or the new foreskin might be overly constricted as a result.

3. To go along with the second issue, how durable would the "repaired" frenulum be? Would you be a risk of tearing it during overly vigorous sexual activity or everyday movement against clothing?

4. On the odd chance that you could convince a medical professional to attempt it, how much would something like this cost? You would probably have to travel very far to find somebody who would be willing to do it for you, in addition to the fact that your insurance company probably would consider it elective and not cover it. This would not be a small amount of money for a person of limited means such as myself.

Anyway, any input here would be more than welcome.
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