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Old April 13th, 2012
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Default 2012-04-27 - "Circumcised or Intact?!" Screw Her Preference!

"Circumcised or Intact!" Screw Her Preference!
- Adam Geddes

I find it hard to fathom that in the supposed age of reason, doctors continue to perform a bizarre tribal custom on any ground the pro-circ camp dreams up.

Of all the poor justifications for circumcising baby boys, there are three that make me rage:

1. If heís uncut, heíll get teased in the locker room: Unless your son goes to a school comprised entirely of sassy homosexuals, this is highly unlikely.
2. Sammy Jr.ís willy should match his fatherís: I doubt they plan on comparing their junk in the menís room. Dad was circumcised due to circumstances out of his control. Hint: That doesnít mean it was the correct choice.
3. Anteaters freak women out: This is a problem? If anything itís a way to filter out dummies that canít see past cultural conditioning.

Circumcising baby infants due to the aesthetic preference of western women is the worst of them all. Weíre so close to the issue that itís hard for many to see how appalling such reasoning is. If a disturbed group proposed that parents should have the option of surgically altering an infantís labia for cosmetic reasons, theyíd rightfully be harpooned by womenís rights activists. Still, appearance is seen as a legitimate justification for circumcising boys, even if itís an off the record one.

Familiarity and sloppy thinking has desensitized us from an atrocity performed on our most vulnerable...

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