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Old April 26th, 2012
Jamie Jamie is offline
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Default Please help, want to buy a cone

I know there are many threads on here about it, but I just wanted some individual help so I can get on with this in more confidence.

Im using microporous tape in bed (although its never still on by morning) and at work. Due to sensitive skin, manual tugging is becoming less popular with me. I might tug for a few minutes, then the circ-scar feels sore. If I could use a cone I think it would be better for my skin because I could tug gently. I live in UK, and I understand I have to make measurements. I can only pull skin 1/3 onto my glans as flaccid, so Im certain Im still a CI-1. Can I buy locally or do I have to buy from the US? I am really short of money even for the lower end of the products, and the baby nipples I saw in the local supermarket didn't look like they'd work.

I want a foreskin like Ron's, but I know he wont part with it and I know he's a busy man
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Old April 27th, 2012
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Default Re: Please help, want to buy a cone

Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
Can I buy locally or do I have to buy from the US?
TLC charges the same to people anywhere on earth.

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Old July 3rd, 2012
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Default Re: Please help, want to buy a cone

Ron's a busy man, alright. Here's a link from a foreskin restoration site in China. Apparently the TLC is available nearly everywhere. I'm thinking of buying one, myself! You better make a couple more, Ron.
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