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Old December 13th, 2012
gabare gabare is offline
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Default baby bottle nipple & rubber bands

i've been restoring for several months now and because of my small penis the best device i have found is a clear baby bottle nipple with the bottom ring removed and the very top cut off, i than insert it pulling my loose skin up onto the shaft of the nipple while pushing the head of my penis down into the shaft i than secure the loose skin with 2-3 small rubber bands causing a taper effect. has anyone else used this method and how good were the results, how many hours a day did you use it. i have been using it 4-6 hours a day and than later in the day i will just use the rubber bands without the nipple for a few more hours. i will than use aloe lotion to soften the skin.
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Old December 14th, 2012
e15741 e15741 is offline
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Default Re: baby bottle nipple & rubber bands

This sounds similar to the multiple o-ring method with keeper, which I use for about 3 hours per day. I have grown a decent amount of inner foreskin with this method in a couple of years.

I also tug with a super canister because I want to grow outer foreskin as well. The method you describe would only target inner skin I think.
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Old December 14th, 2012
z726's Avatar
z726 z726 is offline
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Default Re: baby bottle nipple & rubber bands

Sounds like it would work like any sor of packing device or cone. I'd just recommend getting rid of the rubber bands, and using o-rings, tape, or another nipple to hold the skin in place. You don't want anything that could constrict and cut off blood circulation.
- Z
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Old December 16th, 2012
greg_b greg_b is offline
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Default Re: baby bottle nipple & rubber bands

Caution, if I understadn what you are doing, I would worry about having a rubber band around your skin. That will cut off circulation. Especially if you are fastening it to hold the nipple under your skin at the amount of tension I use.

If doing something along the lines you describe, I would instead put tape on the leading edge of my skin, then fasten the tape to hold the nipple inside.

But I doubt the nipple creates enough tension to do much. Here ia description of the method I used, that does create enough tension to grow skin. Perhaps it will help.

Greg B.

"The foreskin isn't the's the candy!"
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