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Old September 8th, 2009
zahnmann zahnmann is offline
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Default Stop the cut male survey 2009

I am going to have some college students take this survey.
Anyone see any glaring flaws in it? Suggestions?
If you want to take it please do so and mail it into:
It is in RTFD format, should be easy to open.
Male sex survey, 2009

Please do your best to use your true feelings to answer the questions. Answers are anonymous and will be used in a publication. Any personal circumstances will be altered to conceal identity.

Are you circumcised?
What age?
What decade of life are you in now?
If you were not circumcised as an infant, please describe what you remember about your circumcision surgery and how it affected you.

What country were you born in?

Please describe your orgasms. Describe where you feel your orgasms, and note anything that you know will affect your orgasms.

Do you have "full body" orgasms? If so please describe.

When you have insertive vaginal sex with your partner, do you experience a better quality of orgasm than:
Can your partner bring you to orgasm and ejaculation orally?
Which is more satisfying?
How are they different?

Are you able to delay ejaculation until your partner is satisfied?
Can you discriminate between orgasm and ejaculation?
Can you delay ejaculation?
How do you do it?

Are you able to have more than one orgasm prior to an ejaculation?
Did you discover orgasm on your own or did someone show you?
Did you discover orgasm prior to puberty?
Were you able to orgasm prior to your first ejaculation?
At what age did you first have:
Insertive vaginal sex?
Oral sex?
Is your current or recent partner multi orgasmic?
How many orgasms can she have per session?
What is typical?
What is her record?
Does she prefer her orgasms with your penis inserted?
or does she prefer oral?
or does she prefer a sex toy?
Does she prefer:
Fast and furious banging?
Slow and steady?
If you bring her to orgasm with your penis inserted, are you able to feel any:
muscle contractions?
electrical impulses?
If yes, can you elaborate?

Do you ever ejaculate too soon?
If so how often is this a problem?
Are you an condom user?
When wearing a condom, can you:
Achieve an orgasm?
Achieve an ejaculation?
Does the condom use affect your sex life?
Do you need and lubrication products to masturbate?
How often do you masturbate?

On the accompanying diagram, please rate the top five highest pleasure sensitivity areas. attached jpeg file
Most sensitive
Least sensitive
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