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Old January 8th, 2010
iwantitback iwantitback is offline
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Default O-Ring at base of penis during tugging

I read something a while back from a guy saying that he would wear an oring at the the base of his penis while using a tugger. He said he did this to lesses the amount of tension on scrotal and other unwanted skin and keep it focused on the shaft skin. Is this a feasible method?

And if I was going to purchase an oring what kind should I get to ensure it would not be bad for my skin? I remember Ron saying something about a certain kind of rubber on orings being bad. Instead of talking about what is bad however, I am more concerned with what is safe.
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Old January 8th, 2010
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Default Re: O-Ring at base of penis during tugging

There is a product called EREC-XEL, listed as "Adjustable penile base rings" on the site.

Tried it, and it does help some with prevented scrotal tissue migration, however, for me, it also caused something like a blister on the underside of the penis from the rubbing.

inexpensive to try, though.
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Old January 8th, 2010
finman finman is offline
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Unhappy Re: O-Ring at base of penis during tugging

A word of caution, fitting an o ring which restricts blood circulation may put you at risk and cause pain, particularly if it is for a prolonged period..

While using O rings (silicone rubber, from a plumbers merchant) to just retain the foreskin over the glans, if the ring is too large the glans can push through particularly if the inside of the foreskin is moist. However, gentle pressure on the foreskin will compress the glans and release the ring. It would be more difficult to remove it from the base of the penis, especially as it might maintain an erection, but it could be simply cut off.

For this reason, a ring like that should never be used at night as by the time the discomfort has build to the point of waking you the ring may have been on for a long time.

The ERECXEL band has an easy release, but is intended only to help with erectile dysfunction, and included in the safety warning is:

If you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as an inability to achieve an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse or you have any penile deformity, consult your physician prior to using these products. (We have a penile deformity, circumcision often performed by a physician ).

Use of the product should be restricted to no more than 30 minutes at a time. Allow at least 1 hour in-between use. Product should not be used under the influence of drug or alcohol.

Do not fall asleep wearing the product.Prolonged use of the product (without removal) may cause injury to the penis.
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Old January 8th, 2010
greg_b greg_b is offline
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Default Re: O-Ring at base of penis during tugging

My experience and that of many others is that this is not necessary. YOu are growing skin, not stretching it. You are growing it primily close to the tip of you foreskin, near where you apply tension. Assuming you agree with that, the skin is added to the tip, so the skin close to your scrotum just hangs out, and gets looser as you have more skin to work with.

Greg B.

"The foreskin isn't the's the candy!"
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