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Le Bistro Off-topic discussion among members

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Old February 22nd, 2011
Stinkyb Stinkyb is offline
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Default Re: Who needs religion?

Originally Posted by Dasher View Post
If you're Catholic and your Catholic parents had you circumcised, you can't receive salvation, because you've been circumcised. So your sister can forget about you going to heaven. I'm not a Catholic theologian, so I don't know if this means you get to go to purgatory, or straight to hell. And your parents will have to confess their sin for having you circumcised, because the Catholic Church considers circumcision to be immoral. Circumcision is totally against Catholic doctrine. If your parents are such good Catholics, why didn't they know this? Maybe they should open a copy of their Catechism, and turn to entry No. 2297.
I dont understand Catholisism and the 2 part comic book of riddles. But my understanding of catholics is for the most part is that they hardly understand why they go to church, or the true intricacies of the faith. And quite frankly I could give two shits. My parents pretend to be good Catholics around other catholics. My cut was not of there choice, but really I dont think I was truly old enough to make my own decision. The problem with people is that they either base decisions off of old recycled material, or will embrace say ...Um the evil porn riddled blasphemous devil embracing end of the world, Filled with more information than any library in the world "internet"...most religions dont like this place.
if you made or had immoral actions/thoughts, its the devils work......them cursed foreskins help none either. Chop em off, wwjd......he had the cleanest of all cuts apparently, didnt even cry.

O speaking of Who needs Religion, I love "kingdom of Heaven", Directors cut that is.....wait a sec, that didnt sound right
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Old February 22nd, 2011
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Default Re: Who needs religion?

Quoting Bronze - Iron Age religious sources as a basis for ethics and morality is like using the Four Humors Theory to understand how to treat disease. People in the Bronze Age -Iron Age believed child sacrifice, animal sacrifice, child abuse, polygamy, misogyny, circumcision, stoning and slavery etc were all ethical and highly moral. (If you do not believe this, read your holy book cover to cover instead of cherry-picking the good bits.) Kohlberg's six-point morality scale places religious morality on a low step 3 - behavior has to align with the (religious) law handed down from authority.

Society has moved on in the last 2000 - 3000 years. We now have laws protecting women and children, as well as animals. Polygamy is outlawed. Some of us now know that circumcision of children of both sexes is wrong because it does harm on several levels and it contravenes human rights. Our understanding aligns with Kolberg's level 6 - universal ethical principals arrived at through abstract thought. We no longer need Bronze-Age dogma to know this.
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Old February 25th, 2011
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Question Re: Who needs religion?

I am curious why the thread say's I am the creator? I didn't start this thread I simply replied to it.
"When this baby hits CI-10 coverage, you're gonna see some serious skin!"
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Old February 25th, 2011
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Default Re: Who needs religion?

Originally Posted by gayboyncolorado View Post
I am curious why the thread say's I am the creator? I didn't start this thread I simply replied to it.
Sorry for the unrequested notoriety. There was a thread in Safe Haven that veered off of being "safe" and respectful to religious viewpoints, so I split off the discussion that didn't belong there in a Lobby thread. Yours was the first post in the clump of postings that stood alone as their own discussion.

This seemed easier than banning all the users (who probably didn't even realize they were in the Safe Haven).

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