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Old August 2nd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

Originally Posted by flintbaker View Post
hmm maybe I should wait until I have sex before I make any hasty decisons, who knows, I may be perfectly happy with it!
The thing is there isn't anything really hasty going on here, it takes so long and its such a slow progress. You'll have plenty of time to think about it and have sex before you are done.
Originally Posted by Dasher View Post
Circumcision destroys the bond between a boy and his parents, because eventually the boy wakes up to the fact that his parents, even if they were well-intentioned, violated common sense and a mother's instinct to protect her baby by having his sex organ mutilated. For no other reason than the parents' desire to be sheep.
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Old August 3rd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

sex has always been very frustrating for me. ive had a few sexual partners in my life, all women, but only one has given me an orgasm...after i started restoring.

even now, i can orgasm from sex, but it doesn't feel right. it feels like a ripoff every time i ejaculate. feels as if i had to fight very hard to get a sneeze like feeling, and then its over. ive given women orgasms before, and they seem to lose body control and toss around or crunch up into a tight position and twitch uncontrollably. i want to feel that. i don't know if i ever can.

i honestly feel that ive been sexually handicapped. as you may imagine, this gives me a really low self esteem, and thoughts of extreme violence and jealousy. when i found out why im like this, i became very very hateful toward the world. i still am. im trying to be patient.
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Old August 3rd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

Originally Posted by vicousg42 View Post
ive given women orgasms before, and they seem to lose body control and toss around or crunch up into a tight position and twitch uncontrollably. i want to feel that. i don't know if i ever can.
not sure that restoring will get you there. why don't you read some info here. full body orgasm is possible apparently
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Old August 3rd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

Originally Posted by flintbaker View Post
hmm maybe I should wait until I have sex before I make any hasty decisons, who knows, I may be perfectly happy with it!
You may be, but you will be even more happy if you restore your foreskin. Way more happy.

You need to understand that your question sets you up ot think what you just wrote. But it missies a key point. Sure I was happy with sex when I was circumcised. How could I not be, it was all I knew. with no comparison, it was the best thing in the world.

Now that I have a fucntional foreskin, I realize that my impression of sex was mistaken. What I had as a circumcised man was a poor substitution for what sex should be like. It pales in comparison. Knowing what I now know, I would have restored as soon as I possible could, if I could do it over.

And keep in mind this takes a long time to do. If you start now, you will have amazing sex sooner, by years.

Greg B.

"The foreskin isn't the's the candy!"
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Old August 3rd, 2011
finman finman is offline
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

It has often been said, if uncircumcised sex is a 10, circumcised is a 3 and restored is a 7.

I was circ'd as an infant, so only know circ'd and restored and restored is an enormous improvement although I enjoyed circ'd sex too.

If you enjoy sex circ'd, restored would be a real treat.
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Old August 3rd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

Originally Posted by finman View Post
It has often been said, if uncircumcised sex is a 10, circumcised is a 3 and restored is a 7.
This comparison has been confirmed by several guys who were circumcised as an adult after having sex.

What many do not consider is that, for those of us who were circumcised at birth, we only know sex as a 3. That means our sexual experience, which most of us think as being perfect until we know better, is our 100% point. As we restore and move to a 7, we are more than doubling our sexual pleasure as we move from a 3 to a 7.

In other words, sex for a man circumcised at birth is a 10 (generally). Restoring moves us to a 23.

In my case, sex in my twenties was a 10. As I got older, it slowly dropped to about a 3 by my fifties. After restoring for three years, sex is well over a 20. Restored sex is much, much better than any sex I ever had as a circumcised man.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

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Old August 3rd, 2011
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

cwehden is right regarding how much circumcision damage varies. My ex, who I have spoken about many times on this site due to his amazingly loose circ, barely lost the very tip of his prepuce during his extremely loose Mogen circ as a neonate. He has much of his ridged bands left, even. He has about half his glans covered when erect and all of it covered when flaccid. Of course this means he has no keratinization and full gliding mechanism. He received more intense pleasure from oral stimulation than many intact men I've been with. He leaked precum from start to finish and would scream so loud the walls would shake when he came.

My current bf lost all of his ridged bands during an unnecessary adult circumcision 3 years ago. The only highly sensitive part of his penis left is the glans, which of course is a sort of awkward/painful pleasure. He feels very little on the ventral (bottom) side...where my previous bf felt most of his pleasure. My current bf sometimes has a difficult time maintaining an erection and when he orgasms very little ejaculate comes out. He said this was not the case prior to his circ. I believe the main issue is loss of fine-touch ejaculatory nerve endings in the ventral area...the Frenular Delta...which my previous bf had nearly all, if not entirely all, of his Frenular Delta left intact.

I have a tiny bunch of ridged band tissue left unevenly on the left ventral side of my penis. This is where all of my intense sexual pleasure comes from. If the doctor had cut slightly less tissue off, I would likely have a lot of ridged tissue left and feel a lot more. If he had taken slightly more, pleasure from sex would be slight at best.

It's amazing and horrifying how much circumcision damage varies, even within what are considered successful, non-botched circumcisions. If I were trying to reason with a difficult expecting parent who would not listen to my protestations regarding RIC, I would ask

"How much sexual tissue would you like them to have left? A loose Mogen cut, with much of their Frenular Delta (the equivalent of the female clitoris in terms of sensation) left for sexual pleasure? A tight Gomco cut, leaving very little inner skin and therefore little sexual sensation? Something in between? How much sexual pleasure do you deem your child worthy of experiencing?"

When I first started restoring, I had so much keratin on my tightly cut penis that I felt absolutely NOTHING. I couldn't even have an orgasm. I had switched to loose fitting underwear and started using soap on the mucosa and glans a year or so before it reached that dire point....and those factors finally ruined my ability to experience sexual pleasure. Now that I have some mobility and only a moderate amount of keratin build-up, I feel oral sex and masturbation quite well, though I know it will never be what I would have had if left intact or if I had been left with more of my Frenular Delta via a looser cut.

Ultimately, there is no simple answer to the OP's question. I have known cut middle aged men who really felt almost nothing sexually, and I've known cut men like my ex who function and feel almost exactly like intact men. The best indicators of how much sensation one has left is how much, if any, Frenular Delta tissue the man has left...followed by the level of keratin build-up and how much, if any, gliding mechanism is left. All of these factors combined make up how much pleasure a mutilated penis can experience.
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Old January 30th, 2012
insideout insideout is offline
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

WoundedBird, it's been extremely eye-opening to read your perspectives on the differential effects of various circumcision styles.

I just wanted to chime in and agree that there are huge differences that can result from different types of circumcision.

I'm cut relatively loosely (mid-80s model). I have a lot of inner skin left, but not much outer. It's hard to tell why this happened--- whether it's due to me having a very long foreskin in my intact, neonatal state, or just because the person deciding what to do actually knew to preserve the inner skin, frenulum, and frenular delta.

I can have intense, long, out-of-body orgasms which generate concern ("are you ok?") from my partner. I should note that they are not easy to achieve, and such experiences almost exclusively result from vaginal sex.

Growing up, almost every girl I was with was surprised by how sensitive I am. Now I think that this apparent personality quirk had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the roulette of circumcision and it's effects on the sex lives of my entire cohort.

I think I've benefitted a lot from learning about the structure and function of the foreskin. In some sense, this psychological restoration must be just as important as the physical one. In my case, it really helped me enjoy myself better. What is natural to a circumcised person isn't necessarily what will ultimately provide them, and their partners, the most pleasure.
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Old March 8th, 2012
ProctorSilex ProctorSilex is offline
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

Yes, they can. In my experience, I cannot enjoy it fully, consistently, or well. I find it hard to get lost in the moment as my ex girlfriend did. She would go off into lala land while I would work to keep going. The foreplay and the orgasm are the only good parts with the latter being hard to reach and only from one position. The actual sex in between was just a lot of work for me to get through. Not that it did not please me at all, however, there was such a disparity between the pleasures of my ex and myself that I could not help but feel frustrated which ruined my small pleasure during that part. Oral is so subtle that it is mostly mentally stimulating rather than physically. Hand jobs are impossible because it only feels like someone is yanking on something tied to my body.

Yes, there is pleasure, but it is subjective. My goal is not to solely please my partner: I want pleasure too. I aim to please her first and myself second and I would still do it if I got nothing out of it at all (but definitely not as frequently and no longer than I would have to). I want to get lost in the moment with her rather than lose her as was my experience. When she would go off into this pleasure state, I would feel very alone. I think that a cut man's capacity for pleasure is affected strongly by his reasons for sex, how upset he is about being mutilated, and, of course, his woman's attitude/reactions. If my ex had done something like loud moaning and grabbing me, then I probably would have been able to stop thinking about how little I was getting out of it and I could have enjoyed it much more (she did grab me on occasion and it really helped). I think that the woman's reaction is probably a big part in a cut man's pleasure (not that it would not factor into intact sex, but it would probably not be so pivotal).

I have also found that the type of movements have a strong affect on sensations. The long stroke that is supposed to be typical of the cut man feels unnatural to me, yields the most pleasure during sex, makes it very difficult to last, and yields a very edgy and dissatisfying orgasm (penis only and leaves me feeling sad). The short and slow stroke close in feels the most natural to me, gives me little feeling during sex, helps me to last, and yields powerful (to me) full body orgasms (very satisfying and euphoric).

Condoms also kill a lot of what little subtle pleasure that I can feel. I never and will never have sex without a condom (until I am married). My experience without is with masturbation sleeves, which is how I found that I actually have some capacity for feeling some subtle pleasure before orgasm.

It is funny how my penis is very insensitive, restoration attempts have not given me any more sensation, and, yet, the only way I can have good pleasure is by very gentle stimulation. That is not to say that restoration would have no benefits for me: the rollover stimulation is what leads to good orgasms.

I started restoring while I was a virgin. I knew from masturbation that something was very wrong. When I learned about circumcision, I immediately knew that it was my problem. Masturbation should be pleasurable and should not require aids to be so.
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Old March 8th, 2012
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Default Re: Do circumcised men still enjoy sex?

I do enjoy it very much, but it can be better i am for sure. I enjoy the feelings i have, it is not all of the feelings a suposed to have but still feelings you can enjoy. So why should they not enjoy sex?

There are so much reasons to enjoy sex, the feelings in your own penis or the feeling that is be missed are not all that is sex. There are more ways in in that are just great.
From holland/netherlands
If you wanne chat, PM me
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